2021 Mini Meet Indiana Show Me

In July, 2021, the Indiana and Show Me Regions held a joint Mini-Meet in St. Louis for members of the two regions.  All attendees were vaccinated for Covid.  35 members enjoyed a Friday night welcome supper.  Saturday, the group toured the Anheiser-Busch Brewery, enjoyed lunch, then a tour of the Shaw Botanical Garden, hosted by Show Me’s Michael Schrader and partner Steve Sperotto.  The day ended with a supper party at the Baker/Seekamp Car Clubhouse. 
hotel pic.jpg
Hotel Pic - let's get it started!
Aquamans car.jpg
Aquaman's new wheels
botanical garden fountain.JPG
Fountain at Missouri Botanical Garden
inside the climatron.JPG
Inside the Climatron
members admiring cars.JPG
Members admiring cars
brewery tour.jpg
AB InBev Tour Group Photo
Aquamans New Wheels.JPG
Aquaman's car
Feeding coy at Botanical Garden.JPG
Feeding coy at Missouri Botanical Garden
Supper Party at Baker-Seekamp Car Clubhouse.JPG
Supper Party at Baker-Seekamp Car Clubhouse
Supper Party gang.JPG
Dinner party crew socializing
group photo_edited.jpg
Dinner party group photo